Wir haben den Autoglasexperten Herrn Rottmann von Autoteam 24 (www.autoteam24.info) in seiner Profi-Werkstadt in Essen Altendorf besucht und konnten ihm ein paar Fragen stellen. KAN-Tech: Mit welchen Methoden trennen Sie in Ihrer Werkstatt Windschutzscheiben aus? Herr Rottmann: Windschutzscheiben trennen wir zu 100% mit Kaltschneideklingen aus. Nur bei Seiten und Rückfenstern nutzen wir zu 80% Draht,

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The German newspaper BILD reported: “The blade brothers Philip (32) and Robin (30) Schlenkhoff want to produce the sharpest knives in the world!”. And this is absolutely right. The sharper the better! As we continously develop the prototype for out patented ultrasonic sharpening process, KAN-tech cold knife blades are already available. With our cold knife

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Cold knife blades as sharp as the KAN-Tech L-Control blades need a sexy packaging. Therefore, we have developed the new packaging of the L-control cold knife blades. With a unique colour code and a clear writing it is obvious: the highest quality comes without gadgetry. The colours help to distinguish the different blade lengths in

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On the 27.08.2013 the Neue Ruhr Zeitung informs: Two young entrepreneurs are planning nothing less than to revolutionize the knife market: with an ultrasonic forging technology which promises a never seen sharpness.

The Ruhr – metropolis is amongst the largest and economically most important centres in Europe. The scientific landscape of the Ruhr-area is of an unmatched diversity: dozens of scientific institutions develop tomorrows ideas and products. KAN-Tech uses this innovation cluster to continuously pursue one target: supply our customers with a competitive edge.

Since June 2013 the brothers Philipp and Robin Schlenkhoff have taken over the  management of KAN-Tech. Their two pillar strategy seeks to enlarge the product portfolio and to optimize the customer acquisition. On the other hand they plan to strengthen the research and development unit to lead the ultra-sonic sharpening to market readiness.

KAN-Tech has been selected  as a model for technology companies. The experts of the Technology Foundation Berlin are sure that the technology is perfectly suited for the production of instruments for surgery and razor blades. As well it is able to increase the efficiency of cutting  processes by increasing the endurance of the cutting tools.