3D-cold press forming (patented)

Short description

The 3D-cold press forming for blades*, a method for metal forming, enables a special profile design for tools and cutting elements – as well with special embossments. (* currently for a blade length of up to 350 mm) 3D-Kaltpressumformung

Technical Explanation

The method is based on using a rolling out movement to reduce the thickness of the billet towards the cutting edge. The core of the technology is that the final form is defined by the usage of special jacking systems. After the heat treatment there are almost no further grinding operations necessary. Thus  there are no material losses. Altogether this new technology allows saving up to 50% of metall. The method uses commercially obtainable hydraulic presses. They can be integrated into the traditional production process without high additional investments. Darstelung KPU


  • Significant cost reductions
  • Higher blade quality due to high metal compression
  • No surface or structural defects
  • Metal saving of up to 50%
  • No abrasive dust